Bearded Collie | Basil

Basil just turned 2 years old last week, he loves cheese and chasing after his ball.

Basil loves spending time with his family and his house rabbit named Pontus.

He likes hiding behind trees and is currently the Hide and Seek Champion 2017.

Basil loves cheese especially Emmental.

Nom Nom...

"What do you mean there is no cheese left?"

Basil loves playing fetch in the reservoir.

He doesn't like deep water and his ball drifted too far out so we had to

leave it behind. I'm not going in there!

Sorry Basil, where's a springer spaniel when you need one?

Basil posing in the woods (before his ball was left in the reservoir). He was really well behaved such a cutie and a joy to work with.

Basil and myself after his photoshoot.

Thanks Basil and Kat for a fabulous fun morning.

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