Lurcher and Pointer | Blueberry and Tara

The weather was surprisilngly warm for the time of year. Falling leaves bid farewell to summer

leaving a carpet of orange and yellows a perfect setting for Blueberry and Tara's photoshoot in Todmorden Park.

Blueberry is a 4 year old lurcher she was rescued as a young puppy from the Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue in Doncaster. He was named Blueberry because of his bright blue eyes as a pup. 

He loves food and has on occasions stolen the baking and eaten eleven uncooked scones. He has even eaten a mobile phone.

Tara is an 8 year old Pointer and very well behaved. She loves to play ball, chase squirrels

and call off at the pub on the way home from a long walk.

Most of my time is spent lying on the ground to get the perfect shot.

My assistant Karen in the distance holding the light and umbrella whilst Blueberry and Joan

get into position.

The final image of Joan and Bluberry.

Blueberry doing hIs crocodile impression!

Is that a squirrel?

Is that a cat?

Joan explaining to Blueberry that flat caps are on trend this season.

Blueberry on trend!

The christmas hats are always a huge hit with dog parents.

Blueberry and Tara working their photoshoots like rock stars.

Two amazing dogs in an incredible park bursting with colour.

Paw bumps all round. Check out Blueberry in the Winter edition of Rochdale Style magazine

about rescue dogs out Mid November 2017.

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