What if my dog has to stay on a lead?

I can do the entire shoot on a lead. It can easily be edited out afterwards.

What if my dog won't sit stll?

Even if your dog doesn’t know sit or stay commands, I have plenty of tricks to grab their attention. They only need to be in position for a split second and I know exactly when to press the shutter.

The happiness and well-being of your pet is the most important element of a photoshoot and if at anytime I feels that your dog is feeling threatened or unhappy in any way, then I will end the session and rearrange for another day when your pet is feeling more relaxed, at no additional cost.

Where do you do the shoots?

I use local parks, woodlands, fields, or your favourite place.

What does a shoot involve?

The shoot takes around 2 hours. I want to capture your dog just being a dog. I may ask you to throw ball a towards me before running out of the camera’s view or simply holding your dog from behind a tree. It's all good fun!

How many dogs can i bring?

Maximum of 4 dogs. If you have more we can discuss it further.

Can I be in the photo?

Yes of course. Dogs are part of the family so a family photo is a must.

What should I bring to my photoshoot?

Bring a selection of toys, treats or accessories. Water and a container. Also a towel to dry your dog off. I have a few different hats and accessories as well. 

What if it's raining on the day?

I shoot in all sorts of weather conditions so please come prepared. If it’s wet, you may want to bring an umbrella, wellies  and a towel for your dog and if it’s hot, make sure you bring water and perhaps a wet towel to cool your dog off. In severe cases, we can rearrange the shoot.

How do i book?

You can buy a voucher here or call the booking line 01706 710810 and pay by BACS 

I will need to know a liitle bit about you and your dog so i can tailor the photoshoot to your needs.

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