Golden Retriever | Poppy

Poppy is 5 years old in January and a golden retriever. She was rescued as a puppy from a breeder in Shropshire by the North West Golden Retriever Club. She loves swimming in the sea and holidaying in Wales. Poppy has taken a shine to the neighbours dog Jacob a black labrador and loves to go on long walks with him. She is now very happy and settled in her loving forever home.

Julie throwing the ball into the reservoir for Poppy!

The final image.

With a little encouragement from Terry (dog parent) and her favourite treats placed on the bench I managed to take this photo of Poppy.

After walking around the reservior wearing wellies not my best choice of footwear, we finally

made it back to the car just in time as the wind had really picked up.

Thanks to Julie and Terry (dog parents) for all your help on the photoshoot.

Check out Poppy in the winter edition of Rochdale Style Magazine about rescue dogs.

Paw bump Poppy.

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