Zuchon - Ruudy

Meet Ruudy a 2 year old bundle of fun. He loves chasing his ball, treats and 

holidaying in the lake district.

Zuchon is a hybrid of a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu.

He greeted me by cocking his leg and peeing over my camera case! 

I'd recently bought a flat cap (doggy size) Ruudy was the perfect sized model for it.

Behind the scenes photos. 

It was a beautifully warm sunny Autumn morning. Ruudy enjoyed running through the wet grass

chasing after his ball. He hasn't quite mastered fetching it back yet.

Being a dog photographer means lying on the ground to get the best shot most of the time.

The shot

Ruudy and me after his photoshoot

Paw Bump Ruudy!

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