Border Terrier | Sadie

Sadie is 4 years old and a cutie. She loves peanut butter, spending time with her family and playing with her toy hamburger.

Sadie loved all the yummy treats on offer!

She wasn't sure about her new hat. When the shop only has large but you buy it anyway

hoping you can make it fit!

More treats please?

Sadie rocking her photoshoot, I had the peanut butter in my hand to keep her attention.

We had to keep Sadie on her lead for this image.

Before I edited it out in photoshoot.

After the lead was removed in photoshop. 

Sadie and her dog parent Adele.

Thanks Sadie and Adele for a fun afternoon.

You have cleaned me out of peanut butter!

Paw bumps xx

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