Sofica and Ollie | Romanian Rescue Cross | Border Collie

Ollie is a 13 year old border collie with the energy of a puppy. 

He loves playing fetch especially in the stream near his home.

The bigger the stick the better!

Sofica is a 1 year old Romanian rescue cross breed. She loves treats and playing with her

brother Ollie.

She is now happy in her forever home and has come along way from where she was

found at the side of a busy road with 3 broken legs and a broken hip having been run over and left to die.

Several operations later, 8 days in the clinic and 3 months rehab. She recovered well enough to be brought to England by Wendy's Woofers and settled into her foster home. Her wonderful foster family fell in love with her and they adopted her in June.

Did someone mention treat?


Paw bumps Ollie and Sofica love to you both 

R.I.P. Ollie x

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