Zak Ben Charlie and Meg

Border Collies | Zak, Ben Charlie and Meg

Meet 4 bundles of joy. Border Collies all rescued by the Freedom of Spirit Trust

for Border Collies and now living happily together in their forever home with Rick and Sue.

Meet the gang.

Charlie is 8 years old loves playing with footballs and swimming in the sea and cuddles.

Ben is 9 years old and loves being brushed and play fighting with Charlie.

Zak is Ben's brother and is 9 years old and loves his cuddly toy.

Meg is the only female and is 8 years old she loves walking, swimming in the sea

and keeping the boys in check.

Yummy treats, wait for it...

Charlie after eating his treat.

Looking gorgeous in their Santa hats Rick gathered them round for their Christmas pic.

The final Christmas image.

Thanks to Sue and Rick the (dog parents) and the gang, I had a really fun afternoon with

these 4 adorable pooches.

They have come along way with the love and support given to them by their dog parents and love living together in their forever home.

Paw bumps all round.

Check them out in the winter edition of Rochdale Style magazine about rescue dogs.

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